At CrossFit Puerto Banus, we are committed to helping every member reach the goals that they desire. We are more than just a high-intensity gym, we are a community of health and fitness enthusiasts from Marbella.

There is no shortcut, no magic pill or no special exercise equipment, that will magically get you in shape. There is simply hard work.

Fortunately, we have the facilities and the coaches to motivate you through the ups and the downs on your path to optimal fitness. You now have the opportunity of becoming the best possible version of yourself. We can help you by teaching you the proper technique, how to eat, when to rest and how to stay accountable. After all, fitness should be something you enjoy, not despise. Together we will improve your strength, flexibility, balance, speed, coordination, core and endurance. Every day is a new, exciting workout.

If you feel like you want to be part of a fitness group like ours, get in touch today!

Years of CrossFit experience
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