Resistance Training Benefits

Resistance training involves the use of free weights and/or machines to stimulate muscle growth and also to help burn fat. Muscles burn fat, so it goes without saying that the bigger your muscles the more fat they are going to burn. Not only will you build a stronger fitter body from resistance training but you will also help your body to become leaner at the same time.

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For beginners, it can be sufficient to use your body weight with exercises that use neither weights nor machines.
This is the best way to start to ensure you don’t get injured or over load muscles that haven’t had much physical exercise for a period of time.

Usually, beginners will progress relatively fast and it won’t take long to begin using more and more resistance.

This initial burst of progress encourages many people and this can drive people on to adding more resistance training or more weights to their training.

There is a need to ensure that the body is recovering enough between periods of exercise or there can be a tendency to over train and actually do more harm than good.

Most professional sports people use resistance training in some form or another, as any strengthening of muscle groups will assist in their performance.

The fact that resistance training also has a big influence on the burning of body fat has seen many weight loss programs add this to their regime.
It is no longer the domain of the bodybuilders alone.

People of all ages are sculpting their bodies faster than ever with resistance training.

There are some excellent home gyms available now that work all muscle groups of the body and the convenience of having this equipment in the home makes it all the easier to train and maintain your body.

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